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Remodeling Contractor Tips

Check out the most recent articles from A & S Building and Remodeling, Inc. for tips from our remodeling contractors.

What To Know About Fiber Cement Siding In North Hampton

Fiber cement is a material made from a combination of materials including sand, cement, and cellulose fibers. Cellulose fibers are made from plant based materials like bark, wood, or leaves. The materials are combined and adhered together to form the fiber cement board so it can be installed as siding. When combined, the materials make a very durable material … Read More

How to Plan a Successful Kitchen Remodeling Project for Your Hatfield Home

kitchen remodeling hatfield maWhenever you decide to conduct a major home improvement project, the hardest and most important part of the effort is the planning stage. Far too often, people fail to conduct effective planning which can lead to frustration and delays throughout the actual remodeling steps. One of the best ways to develop your kitchen remodeling plan is to work hand-in-hand with … Read More

Major Changes to Consider When Investing in Bathroom Remodeling in Northampton

bathroom remodeling northampton maThe bathroom is a highly functional living space. You and your family rely on the area each and every day to get ready in the morning. At the same time, your bathroom is a place where you can relax in comfort on the weekend. As such, when you customize this space during a bathroom remodeling project, you can vastly improve how you and your family use and enjoy your home … Read More

Common Signs that You Need to Repair or Replace the Roofing on Your Amherst Home

roofing amherst maAs an Amherst homeowner, you have an obligation to keep your property in the best condition possible at all times. As such, you must make certain that your roofing system is well maintained. At some point in time, this means that you must eventually repair or replace your roof. Without the requisite knowledge and experience, knowing when to replace a roofing system can be extremely difficult … Read More

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